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The Slate House

Slate is a fundamental feature of local heritage in Rimogne, a town that, for hundreds of years, was one of France's main salte producers. House in the buildings of the former power station used by the slate quarriers of Rimogne, "La Maison de l'Ardoise" has recently been given a facelift and the entire layout has been redesigned. It provides an unusual experienxe of slate quarrying from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.
The visit, which is lively and interactive, gives you the impression that you have travelled down to the bottom of the quarry. Equipped with a tablet and guided by the voice of a quarry worker, you'll learn about extraction techniques and get a glimpse of the living conditions of workers and their familles. You'll then reach a platform overlooking an impressive shaft 185 metres deep.

N.B. The visitors' centre is also an arts centre and the fabulous surroundings are often used as the backdrop for special events and art exhibitions.
Maison e l'Ardoise - 96 rue Jean Jaurès- 08150 Rimogne  - 03 24 35 13 14




Slate Centre in Rimogne


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