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Visit Rocroy, a star-shaped town with a unique urban layout and military architecture. It stands on a plateau at an altitude of 377 metres, 3 km from the Belgian border. Seen from the air, the town is a stone star nestling in lush green surroundings.

Unique in France because of its concentrtic layout, Rocroy is a star-shaped town and a gateway to France. It lies in the north of Champagne-Ardenne, approximately 100 km from Brussels and 250 km from Paris.

 Come and see a magnificent town steeped in history!.


History of Rocroy


Changes in the fortifications from the 16th to 19th centuries


Rocroy is a unique fortified town. Initially designed during the reign of Henri II, circa 1555, to counter the Charlemont fortress built by Emperor Charles V, it has a first, defensive, fortified wall with five bastions (all of them different), and a second defensive and offensive wall with half-moon batteries and advanced positions in the form of the Burgundy and France Gates. This is one fortified town that does not owe its fortifications to Vauban



From the main square, once the parade ground, ten radiating streets lead to the ramparts. The square is lined with houses, the oldest of which bears the date 1676. The most recent houses here were rebuilt after shelling in 1871.

The Town Hall dates from 1822. It was built on the site of the King’s Lieutenant’s House.



The church was built in 1844 with a spire reaching to a height of 53 metres. It has a vast nave and its altar is topped by a canopy with beautiful marble columns. Beneath the porch is a stoup made of blue stone from Givet; it dates from 1615.

Between the 2nd and 3rd terminal on Place Verte, visitors can still see a stone with a hole in it. This was once the base of the stocks.

On Place du Luxembourg, the last guardhouse in the garrison is a fine example of 17th-century military architecture. It now houses the Museum of the Battle of 1643 and the Thirty Years’ War. Further on, on the left-hand side, a huge military arsenal was built in 1692.

Rocroi is an outstanding example of the oldest bastion-type fortifications in France. The five inner bastions date from the reign of Henri II.

 After advances in artillery, the fortress was decommissioned in 1889.

There has been no military activity here since that time.




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