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Montcornet en Ardenne (castle)

 Château de Montcornet - Cour intérieur
Montcornet Castle, the Mont-Cornu or "spur of rock ", is one of the most extensive reminders of mediaeval fortifications in Ardennes.

It is a “veritable feudal coliseum”, to quote historian Michelet, and it has been a listed building since 1926.

The Association of Friends of Montcornet Castle founded by Father Lussigny and supported by the Montcornet town council, the “county council” and the regional council is working to enhance the beauty and interest of the site.

A half-hour walk reveals the sheer scale of the walls making up the fortifications


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  ASSOCIATION DES AMIS DE MONTCORNET   tel: +33 (0)3 24 54 93 48
Château de Montcornet - La Tour            Château de Montcornet - Pont levis










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